Meeting the Pack

Hello and welcome to the first post of the new blog for the Long Dog Retreat! We are so excited that we are able to share even more with you about our rescue and all of our four-legged friends on this page! Here on this blog we’ll be doing a lot of different things, such as providing information about our dogs that are available for adoption, sharing success stories from those who have adopted from us, letting you know about different events, providing tips, sharing news stories about different products, and so much more! We at LDR really want to make sure that we stay connected to those we work with and want to be able to do anything we can to make sure that you know how to take good care of your doxie!

For this first post we’d like to introduce you to all of our dogs that are currently up for adoption and are looking for their fur-ever homes! Let’s meet the pack!



Ginger is a dachshund-beagle mix who is 11 years old and weighs about 18 pounds. Ginger is red with a lot of gray in her face. She is a snuggler! There is nothing that she likes better than to be in her foster Mom’s lap. She is crate trained but loves sleeping with her Foster Mom or her brother Buddy at night. She is good with both men and women and is great when people come to the house. She is good with the other foster dogs. She looks for Buddy when they are not in the same room. She loves to give kisses and go for walks. While she arrived as a 2 dog family with her brother, Buddy, they have both become much more independent while in foster care and we believe they can be adopted separately. Because of her age, Ginger has slight arthritis. She takes a daily aspirin to help with pain.



Ruby Tuesday is as lovely as a dog can get! She is 9 years old, 14.4 pounds, up to date on shots, spayed and microchipped. She acts like a baby and because of abuse in her past may be a bit timid at first. She loves walks, hates storms, is not thrilled about baths. She loves to play tug of war, loves to play and loves her sister Molly Marie. Please help us get them a home together!



Buddy is 11 years old and weighs about 18 pounds. He is a dachshund/beagle mix who is black and tan and has the cutest face. He is a very affectionate and loves to go for walks. He interacts well with all the foster dogs. While he arrived as a 2 dog family with his sister, Ginger, they have both become much more independent while in foster care and we believe they can be adopted separately. He is crate trained but loves to sleep with his foster Mom at night. He loves to cuddle and is great with both men and women. He does well when people come into the house. Buddy has been neutered, is up to date on shots and microchipped.



I am fairly new to the rescue, but story to come very soon!!!



Susie is a long-hair mini dachshund who is 7 years old and weighs about 8 pounds. She is a sassy little lady and younger sister to Linus. They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. Susie loves to help with computer work and sits on the desk. If you let her she will even try to type! Please give Linus and Susie a loving home today!



Rudy is a red smooth male dachshund who is 10 years old and who weighs about 16 pounds. Rudy was abandoned by his former owner and has some trouble with trust. He is desperately seeking a home where someone will love him and give him the extra attention he needs. Rudy needs to be in a home where he is the only dog and preferably with an experienced doxie parent. Rudy walks well on a leash and has been doing great with his potty training. Rudy is neutered, microchipped and up to date on all vaccines. Rudy has been waiting a long time for a home….please consider giving this great boy a chance.



Bentley is a chubby little long haired, red dachshund that desperately wants love. He is so cute and lovable. He likes to go for walks, snuggle and watch tv. He is 18 pounds now, but he is on a diet to lose weight and given a little time he will be in absolutely wonderful shape. He will follow you wherever you go and is extremely loyal. He can be ‘barky’ at times but is learning the command ‘quiet’.Please consider giving Bentley a loving home!



Molly Marie is a 10.5 year old gorgeous red dapple long hair dachshund. She is a former show dog champion who is looking to live out her golden years in the style she has become accustomed to as a super model. She needs daily belly rubs, snuggles and a walk (as she currently has let her figure go a bit.) She is spayed, UTD on shots and great with other dogs. She has not been tested with cats. She would love to be adopted with her BFF Ruby Tuesday (9 years old) but it is not a requirement. Molly Marie was debarked as a young show dog, so she doesn’t bark. Although we do NOT condone this practice, she would be a good dog for apartment living as she does not make much noise. If you have been looking for a long haired redhead, make Molly your 1st choice. Her beauty inside and out is beyond compare.She loves bone, loves stuffed animals, gives nose kisses and protects kids.She loves being brushed and pampered but HATES SWEATERS! She is currently 18.5 pounds but is on a diet to shed a few pounds. Molly’s wish is to be adopted with her BFF Ruby Tuesday!



Linus is an 8 year old fluffy 8 pound bundle of love. He is the older brother of Susie and they must be adopted together as they have been together all their lives. Linus may be the older brother but Susie runs the show! He follows his sister around and loves snuggling with her or anyone who has an empty lap. Linus is up to date on all shots, has a microchip and is in great health. He and his sister are eagerly waiting for their furever home.



Fred is hysterical! He is tiny, cute and loves to snuggle! He is great on a leash and gets along with other dogs. He hasn’t been tested with cats. He is recently neutered so he still has some “alpha dog” behaviors that need correcting. He is highly trainable. Must go to a home with a secure fence as he is an escape artist. Fred is 5 years old.



Miss Lucy is a spayed 10 year old red and while piebald who just wants to be your new best friend! Lucy is very affectionate, intelligent, and gets along very well with the other dogs in the rescue. She gets along with with children too as long as they are polite with her and don’t play too roughly. Lucy wears diapers as she squats a lot, but the diapers take care of the issue and she doesn’t mind wearing them. Won’t you make Lucy part of your family? She would love to be a lap dog and a faithful companion! She loves going for car rides, so she could help you with your errands too!



Fritz is 14 years old but he is in EXCELLENT health. He weighs about 9 pounds and his shots are up to date. He is a love bug and likes to run around outside and play in the leaves. He would make a WONDERFUL traveling companion as he LOVES to ride in cars. He needs a fenced in yard and someone who is home most of the day. He is very affectionate and loves to sit on your lap and be cuddled. Fritz is very sweet and would make a great companion. Fritz is potty pad trained but wears belly bands when sitting on the couch our sleeping in the big bed.



Meet the one and only Super Sammy! He can jump buildings in a single bound. Ok…maybe not buildings but he can easily jump our 4 foot fence so this energetic fella will need a secure yard. He is only 8 months old, full of love, tail wags and enthusiasm for life. He is a VERY SMART doggy and would do great in an obedience class. We honestly do not know if Super Sammy is a full blood dachshund because his legs are a bit longer than most doxies but he is 100% adorable. He would like a dog buddy or a pet parent who is home most of the time. Sammy would be an excellent family dog and is gentle with kids.



China is a gorgeous adult dapple dachshund who is 7 years old and weighs about 9 pounds. She has been spayed and is ready to find her furever home! China gets along well with the other foster dogs and likes children as long as they don’t play too roughly with her. She is very smart and is learning potty training skills very quickly. She is very affectionate and loves to play. She would love to be your new best friend and life-long companion! Wouldn’t you like to give China a new home today?



Sparky is brand new to our rescue and we are still getting to know his personality. He gets along well with other dogs but does not do well with cats. He is a bigger boy at 19.5 pounds and could stand to lose a few pounds. He is up to date on all shots and getting a microchip soon. He is 6 years old and loves to walk on a leash.

For more information about our rescue go to!
Until next time!


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