The Wiener Way: Personality Characteristics of a Doxie

Dachshunds sitting in a field

                Dachshunds sitting in a field

When it comes to looking for a new dog to add to your family, there are a lot of things that you should consider. Do you want a small dog or a big dog? What breeds fit the size that you want? Where are you going to get your dog from? Do you want a male or female? The list goes on and on. Perhaps one of the most important things that you will want to look at though is how the dog behaves, or their personality. Many dogs are known by their personalities and some can be really great while others can cause you to be more cautious. We at the Long Dog Retreat believe that in order to find a dog that is right for you, you should definitely try to find one that will match best with your lifestyle so that you’ll be able to best meet the needs of your furry companion!

So what are the character traits of a dachshund besides looking like a hot dog? Dachshunds, or “doxies” for short, are known to be extremely loyal to their owners and will do whatever they can to make their owners proud of them. They are known to be a one-person dog, finding more favor towards one person over the others, but they do love all people. Dachshunds also love to be around older kids who are full of energy and want to play; they should not be around younger kids such as toddlers or infants. Younger kids tend to be more aggressive towards dogs and the dachshund may become aggressive in order to protect itself.

Puppy sitting with a tennis ball

Puppy sitting with a tennis ball

Dachshunds also have very bright personalities and tend to be very energetic. They love to play with toys, especially a good game of fetch! Dachshunds do not like to play with the same toy all the time, however, and will get bored with too much of the same toy or with a lack of any playtime. This causes them to become very “creative” in entertaining themselves and often this leads them, and your things, into trouble! If you’re out of options on toys, don’t let their short legs fool you! Dachshunds love to go out for walks and enjoy the outdoors. An active dachshund is a happy dachshund!

Another trait of the dachshund is that they were bred to hunt or “badger” badgers, so having small pets in your house such as rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, etc. is not a good idea. Once a dachshund has found it, it immediately becomes prey and there is no changing your dachshund’s mind. Dachshunds are very determined dogs and will do anything that they can to solve what “problems” they come across. It is also really important to let your dachshund know that you are the boss as they can be very independent thinkers and are known to be pretty stubborn. Make sure that when you correct your dachshund that you use an authoritative voice, but don’t become too threatening as they tend to be very sensitive.


Dachshund puppy running

Because they are from the hound family, it is also important to know that dachshunds do tend to be vocal towards things that appear threatening or exciting. This is important to keep in mind when living in areas such as apartments or condos. Dachshunds are, however, able to live in any setting and adapt well to their new homes wherever it may be. Dachshunds don’t need a lot of space, but enough to make sure that they are able to stretch their legs and get plenty of exercise. Like their German ancestors dachshunds love to eat and tend to become obese if their diet is not monitored carefully and they don’t get the right amount of physical activity.

Now that you know more about our lovable dachshunds, you’ll better be able to identify if a dachshund is right for you and your family. These are some of the overall characteristics of the dachshund, but each individual has their own personality that they have to offer! For more information about our dachshunds and their individual personalities, log onto our website at and check out each of their profiles! Your perfect fit is waiting for you =)

**All information from this blog was taken from “The American Kennel Club’s Meet the Dachshund”. For more information about the AKC go to


2 thoughts on “The Wiener Way: Personality Characteristics of a Doxie

  1. It may be of benefit to add in here somehow that this bred should not jump out of vehicles and off couches and such and the medicle implications that can occur in this breed. Not necessary completely but would be handy information to a new buyer. Thanks for your time. Great article.


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