Long Dog News: An Update

Hello everyone! We are so sorry for the delay in our blogs but we have been super busy with a lot of activities! We are hoping that this update will help catch you up with what has been going on!

First, we have had quite a few adoptions since our last post! Take a look below at who has found their forever homes!






Frank Sinatra










Johnny Mathis















Gracie May


















We also had a busy time planning and then carrying out Wienerpalooza 2016! Everyone had so much fun and we had such a great turnout! We had 297 people show up as well as 170 dogs!! With your support we were able to raise over $4,700 dollars for the rescue which will all go towards our foster dogs and their care!
We had so many activities this year as well that people really enjoyed! Raffles, the dachshund races, and the Barn Hunt were all very popular this year and we also had smaller activities such as bobbing for wieners, doggy tattoos, and a costume contest. Here are some pictures from the day, and you can always see more on our Facebook page “Wienerpalooza”!








































Also, you may or may not have seen that we have taken in a special little friend named “Juni” who is a survivor of a house fire about a month ago. His owner had adopted one of our other girls, Tessie, not too long ago and unfortunately Tessie, her owner, the owner’s mom, and a couple other dogs did not make it out. Juni was rescued by the local fire department and when he came out he was severely burned. The Long Dog Retreat took Juni in after the owner’s dad could not take care of him and since in our care he has undergone a couple of surgeries and a lot of medical treatments. In order to raise funds for the treatments we have set up a GoFundMe account as well as taken in donations on PayPal or directly to the vet. If you would still like to help us out you can do so at gofundme.com/junifiresurvivor or donate on PayPal to donate@thelongdogretreat.org. Also, in honor of Juni, we ask that you please make sure to check your smoke detectors regularly so that you and your dogs lives can be saved!


Juni after being rescued


At the vet

















After surgery 2


Relaxing on the couch

















Last but not least, we still do have little friends that are still looking for their forever home! Here is who we currently have at the rescue:




Kramer is a serene senior who loves to snuggle and sleep. He quickly attaches to his people and like most doxies, prefers to be involved with whatever you are doing. Kramer’s owner passed away but he made his way to a North Carolina member of the Long Dog Retreat so that we could find him his new forever home. Kramer is great with other dogs, tolerates cats and is good with older children.






Booger recently came to live at The Long Dog Retreat after his elderly owner was no longer able to care for him. He is still needs to be neutered and is recovering from a flea allergy but he has a loving disposition. We will be able to tell you more about this fine fellow after he has been here a bit longer. No young children. He prefers female dogs.






Benny is a 9 year old active dachshund with lots of spunk. Benny can be barky sometimes but that is only because he craves attention and love. Benny does not like cats and can try to be a little bossy with other dogs. He has an adorable smile and would love to be your best buddy. Benny hasn’t had the easiest life and will need his new family to be patient and help him adjust. He likes playing outside and taking naps! His favorite food is pizza crust.






Raven and Cody would love a home together after their owners had medical problems. They are a bonded pair. Raven has been debarked, so she sounds a little horse. Raven is a lovely 11 y, black n tan longhair dachshund female and quite the diva princess.











14389882_10209163133068041_1094648797_nThis is Tigger. He is 7 but acts older. He is sad. He has a fistula that the vet tried to fix but it didn’t heal well. He misses his son Roo. He came to rescue because his owner went to prison. Very sweet, lovable, laid back. Comes when called. Good with dogs, cats, kids. Wants to be a lapdog but he is a standard size doxie. About 20 pounds. May need antibiotics every few months if his fistula doesn’t heal. He would be perfect with one other dog. Very gentle.




That is all of the updates that we have for right now! Stay tuned for our next blog which we promise will not take as long to bring out!Thank you so much for everyone who has helped with everything these past few months, we could not do what we do without you!

-The Long Dog Retreat Dachshund Rescue




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